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The Himyarite Kingdom’s Bloody Conversion to Judaism: Passion or Ploy?

Ancient Origins 26 Aug 2022
The Himyarite Kingdom was established in 110 BC and lasted until 570 AC. It is most often remembered these days as the “Jewish Kingdom”, thanks to the fact that for some time its predominant religion was Judaism ... https.// ... Oxford University Press ... Oxford University Press ... .

Israeli Minister Vents Anger at Europe

The New York Times 12 Dec 2012
Connect With Us on Twitter ..., targetedPage., position ... University Caters to the Deprived ... The Female Factor » Philippines Leads Pack in Promoting Female Academics Leadership University Rises for Asian Women ... .

Syrian Expatriates Organization (SEO) Stands in Solidarity with Student Protestors at University of Aleppo, Urges ...

Yahoo Daily News 18 May 2012
http.// SEO Board Chairman, Dr Iyad Azrak, states “We commend the brave students of the University of Aleppo for organizing this protest, despite the dangers faced.

Syrian protesters call on Nato as security forces raid a university

The Daily Telegraph 31 Oct 2011
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A Blow to the Masquerade?

Star Tribune 30 Jan 2011
For decades we have been indoctrinated through a plethora of “peace” organizations, the UN, a host of governments and international media sources with the now universal mantra that- MiddleEast peace will only come about by first solving the Israeli-Palestinian problem ...         Comments? ... in to comment ... Your comments..

Cafe serves up dialogue on Middle East

Japan Times 27 Nov 2007
26 ... The Tokyo University of Foreign Studies started Cafe Middle East ( last November, commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a new way to study and promote international affairs ... The forum has been led by Iraq expert Keiko Sakai, a professor at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

In solidarity with Palestinians

The Guardian 30 May 2007
At stake is not the boycott of individual Israelis, nor their subjection to some political test, but the withdrawal of institutional collaboration with Israeli universities ... israel palestine universities middleeast academia Comments ... Universities are the places where dangerous ideologies are usually invented.

An axis of equals

The Guardian 14 Mar 2007
For the price of war, the world could have a new university every day ... The one thing that I most dearly want to see but certainly will not is the construction of 10 new gender-equal universities in Iraq, five in Saudi Arabia, 15 in Egypt, five in Palestine ... whatwouldyouchange universities highereducation middleeast war iraqwar.

Israel's Move to Destroy the Palestinian Authority was a Calculated Plan, Long in the Making

GlobalResearch 22 Dec 2006
"There are few regimes in the world like Israel, so eager to risk the life of their citizens for some new regional war." (Tanya Reinhart) ... Evil Unleashed. ... by Tanya Reinhart, ProfessorTel Aviv University. http.//www.MiddleEast.Org  December 2001 ... But in fact, this 'retaliation' had been carefully prepared long before.  ... 23, 2001) ... .
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